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Album «Heart» 2013

Short movie «Despair»

Music for a short movie «Despair» (2013)

About the movie

Year: 2013
Director.: Dina Tasbulatova
Operator and Post Production: Timur Yessenov
Music and sound design: Shamis Khassenov

Trailer Music

Demo Trailer Music

  • Album «Heart» 2013

    Album «Heart» 2013

  • Short movie «Despair»

    Short movie «Despair»

  • Trailer Music

    Trailer Music



Creating music

Creating unique and unforgetable music for films, games, trailers and any other video or media. Making sound design of different genre and levels of impact



Very unique and precise music using all of the experience in music composing, sound design and knowledge of psychological impact of one and each sound. The music will be blended flawlessly with any graphical material and every film genre and definitely will make the impact on viewer much stronger.



Shamis Khassenov (born January 27, 1986) in Kazakhstan is music producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He is an artist in the electronic and contemporary classical genre. At the age of 12 he left Kazakhstan and lived for 4 years in Iran. After finishing school Shamis graduated in Germany (Dortmund). During the whole life Shamis always wanted to be a composer. He started writing music at the age of 13. During his composing career he already wrote more than 200 songs. 21 December 2012 Shamis left his banking career to fulfill his artist potential. As a film composer he works on several independent films producing in Russia and Kazakhstan.